Safety Plan for the reopening of Absinthe Bistro during Covid-19

To play our part in flattening the curve and helping to stop the spread of Covid-19, Absinthe Bistro has implemented a series of measures and protocols collectively known as our Covid-19 Safety Plan. The purpose of this document is to reassure our staff, and our customers that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe work environment for our employees, and a safe socialising environment for our guests. Based on recommendations by WorksafeBC and Vancouver Coastal Health effective immediately we will be implementing the following procedures:


Guidelines for personal hygiene


  • Keep a safe distance of two meters among all restaurant staff.

  • Make sure everyone washes their hands frequently.

  • Staff will have a pre-shift health check in the form of an infrared temperature check. Any staff member with a temperature of 37.5℃+ or showing symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent home

  • All our team will have the same schedule. Our team consists of 4 people at all times. (3 people in the kitchen, 1 person in the front)

  • The kitchen and the front staff have to wear a mask at all times.

  • We will display all the signage from Vancouver Coastal Health and Work Safe BC regarding the precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

  • Staff reserve the right to respectfully refuse service to guests deemed to be showing symptoms of Covid-19.



Cleaning and Disinfecting Policies to avoid the spread of COVID-19:


  • The Drink Menu will be disinfected before and after every use.

  • We will be using single-use paper menus that will be thrown out  after guest use. The paper will be recycled.

  • Our credit card machine will be disinfected before and after every use.

  • We will keep the music to a low volume in order to avoid loud conversations and subsequently the spread of droplets.

  • Make sure to clean and disinfect all surfaces especially those with high use such as door handles, light switches, counters, coat rack, railings, faucets, menus and condiments.

  • Tables and chairs will be disinfected between each seating.

  • Sanitizers will be placed at the entrance and outside the washrooms.

  • Provide warm water running at all times, liquid soap and paper towels in the bathrooms.

  • The bathrooms will be clean and disinfected to guarantee a safe use for everyone


Restaurant Occupancy:

  • The dining tables between parties will be located at a distance of no less than 2 meters between each other, making sure the two meters are distanced from each back of the seats as well.

  • We will designate a separate area for pick up orders.


Customer service:

  • Our serving staff must wear a mask at all times always keeping a distance of two meters from patrons.

  • Serving staff must not directly hand card machines to customers, instead placing on the table.


  • Cutlery:

    • Cutlery will be given to the customers upon arrival.


  • For Reservations:

    • Reservations will be spaced out every 15 minutes.

    • If a table is not ready, we will have to ask the customers to wait outside until the table is available for them.

    • The maximum number of people for a party will be 6 people.

    • 1 member of each party will be required to leave their contact information with their server in the event the provincial health officer requires it for contact tracking.

    • If a customer happens to be in the area and would like to visit spontaneously, without a reservation, we ask that they please call the restaurant before to see if we can accommodate their request.

    • We practice non-contact greetings.

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